Choose-Your-Own Summer Menu Adventure

Summer is a season of fun choices—and tomake your Summer 2022 story even more personally fulfilling, we’ve created four distinct menus specifically for your favorite summer activities. So choose your own adventure and see where it takes you.

A picnic in the park

You’re relaxing on your blanket as kids run around the grass and play in the trees. A warm breeze rustles the leaves of the tree providing your patch of shade. You open up your antique wicker picnic basket to find the Smoked Salmon Baguette you packed for lunch, glad for something fresh and satisfying to bite into. Next, you open a container of sweet, juicy melon balls you scooped out of a Turlock Farms Heirloom Cantaloupe this morning. You have a bite—perfectly ripe. You lay back and read a chapter of your favorite novel, then smile, remembering your final treat—Salted Brown Butter Blondies you made from scratch, the perfect complement to a sweet moment like this.

A day at the beach

You’re surrounded by your friends and family, and everyone seems a little tipsy from all the sunshine. You all could hardly wait to get down to the water today, so instead of prolonging the time indoors, you decided to bring the first meal of the day with you. Bagel Brunch Kebabs—a meal that’s a little whimsical and easy to eat with your hands as you gaze out to sea. Watching the morning waves crash, you spot a pod of dolphins just beyond the shorebreak. As the sun rises into an afternoon blaze, you pass out big, sweet, Honeycrisp Apples, and the kids bite in, happily distracted from being slathered with another layer of sunscreen. After a dip in the ocean and a lay-out to dry, your stomach gives a rumble. You reach into the cooler for the Lemon Tarragon Shrimp Rolls you packed. Fresh and energizing, they taste just as summery as this day feels.

A backyard potluck

The weekend get-together is nothing fancy, and you’re not going far. But your community enjoys the sunny weather together—grownups cracking jokes, kids pelting each other with water balloons—it’s a summer memory that will warm your heart when you reflect on it later in the year. You bring your gooey, cheesy-yet-nourishing Broccoli Rabe and Mozzarella Sandwiches for everyone to enjoy, while Sweet, Tender Bi-Color Sweet Corn roasts on the grill, getting a perfect char and begging for butter. Rounding out this perfect summer meal is Layered Salad, the light, crunchy, veggie-filled cousin of a layered dip. The air is sweet with the smell of fresh grass and grill fire. You take a bite and savor the bright flavors as you chew. All is well.

A sweet summer romance

You met just as summer began, and you’ve been enjoying stolen moments together wherever you can get them. Tonight, you sit together at an old picnic table, looking out over the water as the sun gets ready to set. It was a particularly hot day, so you both cool off with a bowl of Watermelon Gazpacho, leaning close to each other as you watch the colors changing in the sky. Your next plate is light and refreshing, too—Dungeness Crab California Rolls. Your partner fumbles with their chopsticks, and you quickly and jokingly pop the first roll into their mouth. “Mmm,” comes the response, as darkness falls and twinkle lights pop on behind you. You share a bowl of Crunchy Sweet Dark Red Cherries, staining all 20 of your fingers as you marvel together at the moon and stars.

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