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Do you have a question for our Personal Shoppers? Did you get a fresh peach that just doesn’t taste right? Want to know if we carry your favorite spaghetti sauce? Let’s talk. Whether it’s email, phone, live chat, or wizard’s owl, we want to hear from you! (OK, we can’t receive letters by owl but wouldn’t that be awesome?)

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Online Ordering FAQs

  • Who does my shopping?
    Our Personal Shoppers treat each order like it’s their own shopping list. They pick the ripest tomatoes, the healthiest lettuce and the gallon of milk with the best expiration date. All your food is carefully bagged – no cracked eggs here! – and properly stored before pickup or delivery.
  • Can I use a gift card to make online grocery purchases?
    Somebody gave you a gift card?! Lucky you! Just select “Pay Online with Town & Country Markets Gift Card” at checkout. And make sure you apply your gift card first before using a credit or debit card to pay any difference.
  • Hey, I didn’t get what I ordered! What do I do?
    Customer service is our passion and, yes, sometimes we make mistakes. If that happens, please contact customer service via our online contact form or call us during business hours at (206)222-9530. We’ll do everything we can to make it right.
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Want to be a vendor?

We’re passionate about food and making new friends. If you grow, craft or prepare a product that you believe our unique customers need to experience, let us know!

To get started, submit the application below and our Vendor Rep will get back to you.

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Here’s what you’ll need to complete your Vendor Agreement:
  • References
  • A current business license
  • Proof you’ve fulfilled applicable state/ federal health and safety requirements
  • Ability to work with our distributors
  • Ability to deliver to ALL our markets
  • A guarantee on your product
Helpful Documentation
Complete Vendor Guidebook (PDF) COVID-19 Requirements for Vendors (PDF)