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Shen Zen Tea

Inspired to create something that spoke to the human spirit, James Chang developed Shen Zen Tea —a product rich in culture, carefully and organically sourced, and made with a holistic, science-backed approach to health. The level of care given to each tea leaf, the time of its harvest, the weather—all these things affect its taste and quality. To James, each tea, like each of us, has its own unique story.

Greatness in sweet little details.

Shen Zen sources local raw organic ingredients, and they process and dehydrate them in-house. This gives the tea a rich flavor profile, reflective of the work and integrity of the farmers and artisans who provide each ingredient. Just as the flavor and depth of wine depends on the grapes it comes from, the quality and taste of kombucha depends on the tea used to brew it. The single origin, whole leaf, premium grade teas used in Shen Zen kombuchas produce a profile so satisfying, it needs no added sugar during fermentation.

The kombucha innovators

Shen Zen’s kombucha cultures are created specifically for each flavor, while most other companies use just one base kombucha and flavor it later. With its Lemongrass Culture, Shen Zen uses no tea for the fermentation at all, creating a truly caffeine-free kombucha. Shen Zen kombucha also has lower acidity, which yields higher levels of probiotics than other brands, thanks to James Chang’s intensive research on optimizing the health benefits of each bottle.

Every day, Shen Zen is bottling poetry and stories in liquid form, just waiting to be discovered right here on our shelves.

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