Online Ordering FAQs

  • Can I order everything in the market online?
    Not quite, but we’re soooo close! We add new items every day. Don’t see your favorite ice cream or brand of spaghetti sauce from our market? Let Customer Service know and we’ll do our best get your item from the market shelf to your home.

    Who does my shopping?
    Our Personal Shoppers treat each order like it’s their own shopping list. They pick the ripest tomatoes, the healthiest lettuce and the gallon of milk with the best expiration date. All your food is carefully bagged – no cracked eggs here! – and properly stored before pickup or delivery.

    Can I provide special instructions to the personal shopper filling my order?
    Yes, you can! Notes for your Personal Shopper can be added towards the end of checkout. Near the top of the page, click “edit” in the “Order Notes” box, and type your message there.

    Where is my order prepared?
    Right in the market you’ve selected for pickup or delivery. If you shop that market regularly, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already shared an aisle or a smile with the Personal Shopper who’s bagging your groceries.

    Can I purchase alcohol on the site?
    If you’re over 21, then yes, we’re happy to bag that special bottle of wine or refreshing local brew for you. Just make sure you’re ready to show a valid ID when you receive your order, OK?

    How do I view a product’s ingredients and nutritional information?
    Click on the product’s description page. If it’s available, that’s where we save it.

    Can I get organic and all-natural products through online ordering, too?
    Yes! (Look at you being all healthy. ) Just like our markets, there’s always something new to discover and we share the best of what we find with you online.

    How soon can I get my order?
    Our Personal Shoppers aren’t just careful. They’re speedy, too. We just need two hours’ notice before your preferred pickup or delivery time. We have a limited number of reservations available each day, so if your preferred time was previously booked by another customer, you can select a different day or time.

    How far in advance can I place my order?
    Up to seven days! We’ll remember for you … even if YOU can’t remember why in the world you ordered all those tins of smoked herring.

    If an item is out of stock in the market, will it show up on the site?
    No, it won’t. However, please make sure you’re signed in to your account so can see the most accurate and up-to-date market inventory.

    How do I update my account information? (password, email, market,and payment,etc.)
    Simply go to the “My Account” section, make your changes, and click “Update” at the bottom of the page to save them!
    My Account

    How do I save an order that I have not completed? Are you signed into your account? Great! The items in your cart will remain there until you check out or remove them. If you’re NOT logged in, though, your cart won’t be saved if you leave our site. So... create an account, won’t you?😊

    How do I switch my order from pickup to delivery (or vice versa)? On the first page of checkout, select the “Switch to Pick Up” or “Switch to Delivery” option on the left-hand side of your screen.

    Can I select a specific substitution on items in my cart? Yes! Navigate to the item in your cart and click “specific substitution” from the drop-down menu next to it. Next, browse “Search Substitutions” and “add” your next best choice.

    I know you carry something in the market but I can’t find it online! Can I still add it to my order? Yes! Just add a note for your personal shopper at checkout. Scroll down to the“Order Notes” box and select “Edit” to enter the brand, size, flavor and quantity of the item you want, then finish by clicking “Save.” For example, you could write, “Please add $6.00 worth of organic almonds from Bulk Foods.”

    What's this “Buy More Save More” thing? Wine lovers rejoice! Adding 6-11 bottles with the “Buy More Save More” label to your order will automatically apply a 10% discount towards the items at checkout. Buying more than 12 bottles (thus the name of the promo) increases the savings to 15% off all eligible products. Note, item eligibility is based on the day the order is fulfilled and not when it is placed.

  • Can I change the pickup or delivery date/time or add items to an order I’ve already placed? Forget the fresh cilantro to top your meal? Need to squeeze in a last-minute errand? Life happens. We get it. 😊You can change the date/time or add items up to two hours before your initially scheduled pickup or delivery. For example,if your original pickup time was 3-5pm, you must make changes by 12:59pm. Click the “Edit Existing Order” option in our site’s header, then click “Edit” next to the delivery or pick up date you’d like to change.

    How do I cancel or review an order? Navigate to “My Account” and select “My Orders.” To cancel an order, select the ID you would to remove and click “Cancel Order” at the bottom of the page. You can cancel orders up to two hours before your scheduled time.

  • Are there fees?
    We add a modest 5% service fee to make sure our Personal Shoppers have the time they need to handpick produce, carefully bag your food and load everything securely in your vehicle. We’ll make it worth your while.

    Do you have weekly specials?
    Yes! Our weekly specials, including Big Board Buys, are available online. Just like the market, our sales begin every Wednesday and continue through midnight the following Tuesday.
    Please note that product prices are charged the day your order is filled, not the day your order is placed.

  • How does pickup work?
    Park, text and we’ll come to you. It’s that simple. Place your order and select a day and time. Look for our “Online Order Pickup” signs to direct where to park. You’ll see a sign asking you to text our Online Order Pickup” phone number. We bring your groceries out to your car and you’re on your way. (Minimum $15 order required.)

    How does delivery work?
    Like pickup but even easier! Choose from available dates and times, add any personal notes and your groceries will be delivered to your front door. You don’t even need to be home! Although we’d advise against that if you’ve ordered perishable items like milk, raw meat or frozen foods. (Minimum $35 order required for delivery.)

    Can someone else pick up my online order?
    Sure. They just need to have your order number. Oh, and if you’re getting any alcohol, they’ll have to be over 21, with ID. (Rules are rules.)

    Do you offer same-day pickup and delivery?
    Yes! (We have delicious last-minute dinner ideas, too. ) But reservations fill up fast and may not be available when you place your order. Our Personal Shoppers need two-hours’ notice. For example, if you’d like to pick up between 3-4 p.m., your order needs to be placed by 12:59 p.m.

    What if I don’t show up for my scheduled pickup?
    Hey, life happens. We get it. You can change your pickup date or time up to two hours beforehand, if there are reservations still available. Please note, we may have to charge a restocking fee depending on the size and content of your order. We’ll make sure to tell you if this happens, though.

    Will the delivery driver bring my order to my door if I live in a multi-unit building?
    PacWesty drivers will leave grocery orders inside the first door of entry or in the lobby when delivering to apartments, condominiums or senior living communities. The driver will notify you when your order is on the way. If you need special accommodations, please send us an email at customerservice@tcmarkets.com or give us a call at: (206) 222-9530.

  • Hey, I didn’t get what I ordered! What do I do?
    Customer service is our passion and, yes, sometimes we make mistakes. If that happens, please contact customer service via our online contact form or call us during business hours at 206-222-9530. We’ll do everything we can to make it right.

    Help! I need customer service. What’s the number and what are the hours?
    You can contact a customer service representative by using our online contact form or by calling us at (206)222-9530 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Can I use a gift card to make online grocery purchases?
    Somebody gave you a gift card?! Lucky you! Just select “Pay Online with Town & Country Markets Gift Card” at checkout. And make sure you apply your gift card first before using a credit or debit card to pay any difference.

    I have coupons. Can I use them for my online order?
    Unfortunately, we can’t accept any manufacturer or in-store coupons for online orders right now.

    What if the amount charged to my credit card is wrong?
    Contact customer service via our online contact form or by giving us a call at 206-222-9530, and we will assist you with any billing questions or concerns. Please remember that the order total shown when placing your order is an estimate, and the total amount due will be charged once your order is fulfilled

    I received a notification that payment is due on an order. How do I submit a new payment? To authorize a new payment for an existing order, visit the “My Account” section, then click on “My Orders.” Then select the red “Submit Payment” button on the order that needs a new or additional payment. Don’t forget to click “Update” at the bottom of the page to save your changes!