A Perfect Weekend of No Heat Eats + Chilly Treats

It’s the height of summer, and there’s no better time to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, but yeah, it’s pretty dang hot. So, we’ve come up with a summer menu for a full weekend of no-cook deliciousness you can put together without breaking a sweat.

Full-Sun Saturday

Easy Breakfast - For a light and deceptively healthy sweet treat this morning, whip up some Beet and Berry Smoothies.

Lunch Outdoors- Lemony Salmon Pasta Salad: Time to turn that leftover salmon into a perfect picnic shareable. Print out some copies of this recipe, because everyone will ask for it.

Sundowners - Turn your deck into a cool Colombian cocktail club with this Colombian Salpicon. Optional add-on for extra guests (or just extra fun): Frosty Frosé Popsicles.

A Chill Dinner - After a long, warm day, a light, cool, and hydrating hits the spot just right. Serve it next to this tropical Shrimp Ceviche and you’ve got the summeriest plate of the season.

The Ultimate Summer Dessert - Three words: ice cream bar. Grab your favorite toppings, sauces and syrups, and choose from our selection of incredible frozen faves. May we recommend: Molly Moon’s, Acme, Snoqualmie, Lopez Island, and Elevated for the dairy lovers and Cosmic Bliss, Oatly, So Delicious, and Alden’s for our plant-based partakers.

Sunday Funday

On summer Sunday we like to take things a little slow—hang time with the fam in the backyard, music on the speaker, and great food on the picnic table.

Breakfast - Matcha Chia Pudding tastes like something from a chic café—but it’s actually easy to make, chilly, really yummy, and actually good for you.

Laid Back Lunch- Nourish that summer body with a nutritious bowl of Raw Soup—it’s packed with veggies and comes together in minutes.

Afternoon Snack - Refuel, rehydrate and rev back up with this Thai-Style Melon Salad. It’s refreshingly easy to make (and it looks like it took real thought and effort).

Summer Sunday Dinner - Treat yourself to a lobster dinner tonight, chill weekend style. Papaya Salad with Lobster is bright, fresh, and brings the refreshment of a dip in the ocean right to your plate. Pair it with a crunchy Zucchini Ribbon Salad and you’ll have the coolest Sunday evening meal of the season.

Dessert - Tonight, have some fun with ice cream’s lighter cousin: the popsicle. For a fragrant middle-eastern treat, try our Easy Kulfi. Or cap your weekend with refreshing Melon Popsicles—either one will leave you with sweet memories of the weekend to look back on.

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