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A Perfect Weekend of No Heat Eats + Chilly Treats

It’s the height of summer, and there’s no better time to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, but yeah, it’s pretty dang hot. So, we’ve come up with a summer menu for a full weekend of no-cook deliciousness you can put together without breaking a sweat.


Saturday is the obvious star of the weekend—there’s no work, school, or camp the next day, so the options are totally open. Maybe you’re inviting the neighbors over for a pool day or hitting the beach with friends.


For a light and deceptively healthy sweet treat this morning, create the ultimate peak-of-the-season fruit salad with peaches and nectarines from Gunkel Orchards, fresh figs, and local blackberries. We’re getting these sweet things within hours of being picked, and you can taste the reason why.


Easy breezy Caprese: Just slice up some local heirloom tomatoes (because if not now, when?) and some fresh mozzarella (we’re loving the ones from BUF and Ferndale Farmstead right now). Pick up a potted basil plant and pick the leaves right before you plate your salad. Drizzle on some of our current balsamic vinegar obsession, De Negris, and add a little of la dolce vita to your Puget Sound summer afternoon.

Happy Hour

To start the quintessential summer-fun day evening off with a little something different, set up a flight of great Washington wines to taste with your friends. Our wine department staff loves to curate a great summer evening selection. And for those who’d rather enjoy a Saturday night without feeling it Sunday morning, these non-alcoholic Ghia aperitifs are making us happy these days. Made with pure ingredients, they taste like summer on the rocks.


When you’re craving something light, cool, and hydrating—our recipe for Thai Melon Salad fits the brief to a T. (Pro tip: our produce specialist Joe highly recommends the Orange Honeydew from Turlock Farms right now.) Toss it on a plate next to an equally equatorial Poke Bowl and you’ve got the summeriest plate you’ll have all season.


Say the summer magic words: ice cream. Our freezer is a showcase of incredible locally made ice creams, including Molly Moon’s from Bellevue, Nico’s from Portland, Snoqualmie from Maltby, Elevated from Port Townsend, and Whidbey Island and Lopez Island from guess where and guess where. For plant-based partakers, check out Frankie & Jo’s, Oatly, and So Delicious. You’ll also find frozen cookie dough from Hello Robin—this plus Molly Moon’s ice cream equals that swoon-worthy ice cream sandwich. You know the one.


While Sunday has the opportunity to pack in just as much summer fun as Saturday, we like to take it a little slower. Have some hang time with the fam in the backyard, try out a new craft with the kids, and enjoy some incredible food.


Matcha Chia Pudding tastes like something from a fancy café—but it’s actually easy to make, chilly, really yummy, and surprisingly good for you.


Nourish that summer body (after all—it’s summer, and you have a body) with a refreshing bowl of Watermelon Gazpacho—it’s packed with fruit and veggies, and it comes together in minutes.

Afternoon Snack

Refuel and rehydrate with a fruity snack like these Melon Popsicles. They’re easy to make, but they seem like an artisanal delicacy.


Treat yourself to a no-cook dinner tonight, with pre-made salads from our deli. We’re partial to the Taiwanese noodle salad, garden garbanzo salad, Hawaiian macaroni salad, Miso edamame noodle salad, tabbouleh salad…or even better, a little of each.


To finish the weekend in the coolest way possible, meet our latest plant-based ice cream bar crush: SorBabes. Creamy, fruity sorbet bars enrobed in chocolate, with little crunchies that take the whole thing right over to the perfection zone. You’ll be left with a sweet taste in your mouth about the whole weekend.

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