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Molly Moon's

We’re so proud to offer you pints of the goodness they conjure up at Molly Moon’s ice cream shops. Because in addition to using the freshest, yummiest organic ingredients in their ice creams, their strong, compassionate values are swirled into every scoop.

A taste of the local flavors

Molly Moon’s partners almost exclusively with local farmers and producers to create flavor. In fact, 90% of their ingredients come from right here in the Pacific Northwest. There are even farms they work with to expand their production and transition to organic. This stimulates the local economy, keeps dollars in the pockets of hardworking producers in our PNW backyard, and reduces fossil fuels needed to transport ingredients. Plus, their craveable concoctions are made completely in-house—from washing the fruit to cooking up the caramel.

Keeping the workplace cool

Molly Moon’s believes that ice cream served by happy scoopers tastes better—so they strive to be the best employer in their industry. They offer their employees free health care, paid family leave, sick leave, and living wages, as well as opportunities to advance personal and professional goals. And they practice wage transparency, to enable their crew to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

This is social justice ice cream

Doing good doesn’t stop at local partners and fair wages at Molly Moon’s. They’re committed to supporting their communities with their giving program and social justice initiatives. Each year, 1% of sales is donated to non-profits in the community. They fight hunger by giving to local food banks, and through their own non-profit, the Anna Banana Milk Fund. They donate over 20,000 gallons of milk each year and support public education by donating hundreds of treats and goodies directly to Seattle schools.

So, next time you’re craving something good, come pick up some ice cream that’s doing good—for all of us around here.

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