Take a Flavor Trip

Food is a source of joy, comfort, and adventure. When we eat something truly wonderful, we’re transported—the feel, smell, and taste of a new dish can take us across the world without leaving the kitchen table. So pack your pantry, fasten your apron, and let’s take off on a taste trip across the globe.

Puebla, Mexico

Easy Shredded Chicken for Tacos and Tacos al Pastor

After a stroll through Puebla’s grand plazas, with its brightly tiled architectural domes and uber-modern Museum of the Baroque, you might stop for a quick bite—melt-in-your-mouth tacos al pastor. The dish itself is a cultural amalgamation, influenced by Lebanese immigrants in Puebla who brought shawarma cooking techniques to Mexico with them. Their Mexican-born progeny brought the oh-so-tender meat together with local spices and flavors to create this cultural staple.

Dakar, Senegal

Fonio Salad with Mango

In Senegal, generosity and kindness are integral elements of culture. This outlook, known as Teraanga, influences every aspect of life—including meals. Food is usually served and eaten from one big communal bowl, and everyone gathers around to share. Fonio is one of the oldest grains cultivated in West Africa. In our Fonio Salad with Fresh Mango, it makes for a protein-packed, bright-yet-hearty tropical flavor combo that brings people together in a brilliant way, too.

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Italian Zabaglione with Strawberries

Our favorite boozy Zabaglione transports us all the way back to an army camp in 15th century Northern Italy. In 1471, Baglione, a mercenary captain, ordered his men to plunder the local farms as they camped outside of Reggio Emilia. All these farmers produced were eggs, wine, and sugar, so he told them to cook them up together to form a custard. He gave his own name to the creation, and whatever you may think of the captain, you’ll think highly of this recipe.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Coconut Satay

In bustling Jakarta, you'll see cultural influences from all of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, China, the Netherlands, and the Middle East, as well as local Malay and Javanese styles. The cuisine is just as varied, celebrating traditions from thousands of different communities. Our coconut satay is simple, fresh, and timeless, and embraces Indonesia’s multicultural heritage.

Havana, Cuba

Grilled Plantains with Citrus Glaze

Along the scenic Manecón roadway, the salt air and colorful buildings jeweling Havana’s seaside esplanade offer a feast for the senses, especially when paired with a sweet and savory snack. Plantains are affordable, versatile, and super nutritious, and they’re a staple in Cuban cuisine. Our version is zesty and caramelized and right at home alongside any tropical entrée.

Basque Country, Spain

Trio of Pintxos

When we think of small Spanish plates, we typically think tapas. But in Spain’s Northern Basque Country, the meal of choice is pintxos: small pieces of bread or toast topped with any manner of ingredients. Local cheeses, fresh fruits, meats, fish, vegetables—the topping opportunities are truly endless. Basque Country is an amalgam of very different communities, with industrial factories and shipyards as well as cutting-edge design and architecture. Pintxos are a versatile and unifying meal loved by the whole region. Try our trio of pintxos recipe to get started, or get creative with your own combos.

Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaican Fruit Salad

Whether you’re bathing in a waterfall in the Blue Mountains, basking in the sun on a warm Kingston beach, or dreaming about it from home, a fresh, Jamaican-style fruit salad is a little personal paradise.

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