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Maiya Kamal

Maiya Kaimal is making her family’s beloved Indian cuisine unbelievably accessible and convenient to the American eater. Made with heirloom family recipes and fresh ingredients sourced across India, her pre-made sauces, meals and toppings feature vibrant, traditional Indian flavors. The goal? To help as many people as possible fall in love with her favorite flavors.

Kaimal began her culinary career writing cookbooks to spread the joys of Indian food. While it may seem ideal to experience a new cuisine by making a full meal from scratch, she realized that for most busy Americans, convenience is key. And in grocery stores, quick and easy Indian food products were scarce. The Maya Kaimal brand has changed that in a big way.

Travel all over India with Maya Kaimal. Even on a weeknight.

Most Indian restaurants in North America serve North Indian cuisine—we may think of creamy, dairy-based curry sauces with meat or vegetables alongside a piece of fresh naan. But India is a large network of incredibly varied and diverse cultures, and food is no exception. Kaimal’s family comes from the Southern tip of India, where the cuisine is more tropical, with regular use of coconut in place of dairy, and more of an emphasis on rice than bread. Maiya Kamal’s product line is inspired by cuisine from all across India, so your home cooking can be, too.

Open up a jar of simmer sauce and add some cooked meat or veggies. Or grab an Everyday Dal to add a nutritious side to your go-to midweek meal. The options are endless, always easy, and much more fun than making pasta for the third time this week.

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