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If you’re like 99.9% of all New Year’s resolution-makers right now, you’re thinking about shaping up your habits after the indulgences of the holidays, for a healthier you in the new year. But what does “healthy” really mean in 2023? For us, it means setting healthy, realistic, achievable goals, rather than stretch goals we may just forget about once the demands of regular life kick back in.

So we’re focusing on simple, fresh foods full of vibrant, full-flavored nourishment that will satisfy all the cravings. We’re simplifying our schedules and keeping unnecessary commitments to a minimum so we can enjoy more of what we love. We’re giving ourselves permission to enjoy more and worry less.

The fact is, scientists keep discovering more and more about how intertwined our health and our happiness are. Happiness keeps blood pressure down and lowers our disease risk overall. Happy people sleep better, stress out less, and have more motivation to work out and stay in shape.

Plus, a lot of the simple, clean foods that are known to be “good for you,” like fatty fish, dark chocolate, oats, and berries contain compounds that are proven mood boosters. 

The challenge is to take the elements of a good-for-you diet, namely fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, superfoods, and non-alcoholic spirits (they’re more fun than you might think), and abracadabra them into ridiculously delicious recipes even jaded junk foodies can’t resist smiling about.

With so many food producers and makers bringing us clean, beautiful things for you to eat, we’re endlessly inspired. Here are a few of the recipes we’re obsessed with at the moment. We think they’ll keep us eating happy, healthy, and well into the coming year.

Try one, and share your new year’s simplification story with us @tandcmarkets

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