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In the sunny Mediterranean, daily life involves great food, artfully prepared and savored over long hours, in good company. It’s a region where people are raised to savor life in the moment—every sight, sound, sensation, and taste. And a surprising number of them get to keep enjoying all this goodness for long healthy lifetimes—often over 100 years.

So sign us up. We’re exploring the flavors of the Mediterranean this season, and bringing you our favorite finds, from European food crafters, and those here in the PNW who follow in their footsteps. Whether you like tasting great new discoveries, bringing home the classics, or making your own from scratch, our markets are filled with Italian, Greek, Spanish, Southern French, Middle Eastern, and North African delights for you to experience.

A warm spring night, a table full of your favorite people, and a big pan of paella—that’s a Spanish recipe for some great memories. And we’ve got everything you need to make them: Matiz paella rice, Aneto paella cooking base, Palacios chorizo, and oh-so-fresh seafood (insider tip: check out our Blue North cod and Penn Cove mussels for Spanish flavor Northwest style.) Peruse our aisles and you’ll find the little extras that really elevate your Spanish meal, like authentic Spanish olive oil, paprika, and saffron. Paella taking a while to cook? Nibble on some tapas—like Ines Rosales Torta Crackers topped with some manchego, olives, serrano ham, Matiz sardines, Dalmatia fig spread, or sauces from The Tapas (these are made in Sevilla with secret family recipes and they’re all pretty irresistible.)

Or pair small bites like fluffy mini Spanish omelets from Palacios in Northern Spain, piquillo peppers, and wild-caught Matiz sardines from Galicia on Our Own Mediterranean flatbread. And check out the Middle Eastern food magic that’s ready-made right here in Seattle, in the form of tzatziki, baba ganoush, orzo salad, and hummus from Dreamland Foods.

And if reading about all those Mediterranean artisan food makers has you craving a creative kitchen sesh of your own, try some of these recipes from our Town and Country culinary geniuses:

  • Oven Baked Seafood Paella - A Spanish classic with rice, sausage, seafood, and pretty much whatever you like (or happen to have around.)

  • Mediterranean Burger - An all-American favorite goes to Greece and becomes a little more interesting.

  • Trio of Pintxos - These tapas are to Spanish wine as crostini are to Italian wine.

  • Pan Bagnat - Like a salad Niçoise on crusty bread—an elegant lunch from the South of France.

  • Zabaglione with Strawberries - Light, boozy-flavored Italian custard that’s out of this world made with our local berries.

  • Fattoush Salad - Lebanese bread salad tossed with a special blend of herbs and veggies.

  • Fresh Fruit Clafouti - An easy-but-perfect French dessert that highlights any fresh fruit.

  • Summer Vegetable Frittata - The easy egg-based supper that makes any vegetables, meats, or cheeses shine.

  • Beet Hummus - A vibrant, pink, ultra-delicious take on hummus.

  • Grilled Bruschetta with Burrata - This go-to antipasto, gets new life when soft fresh burrata meets the crispy toasted Italian bread.

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