Global Grilling is Pretty Thrilling

Doesn’t it feel like a realllllly long time since we last felt the warmth of summer? Seriously, this spring in Seattle was one of the dreariest in recent memory (with all of 5 hours of weather over 70 degrees back in May.) Call us optimistic, but we’re looking ahead to a season of sun—and for food lovers like us, that means barbecues. We’re inspired by the spirit of summer travel to faraway places around the world, where exploring street food, night markets, and generally delicious grilled good things are part of the adventure. Want some ideas for your first summer weather get-together of the year? We’ve got some for you.

Let’s talk tacos. And burritos. And fajitas. When Taco Tuesday can’t come soon enough, why not create a Mexican-inspired buffet? Prep and present barbacoa, carne asada, and al pastor alongside all the toppings and tortillas, and let everyone put together their own flame-grilled masterpiece.

Make your own good cluck. Give chicken skewers an international spin, with satay sauce for an Indonesian-style grill. Or kick up the spice factor and try your hand at a tandoori chicken recipe.

Have a beirgarten BBQ. In Deutschland, people really know how to throw an outdoor party. Create a backyard biergarten by tossing some Olympia Provisions sausages on the grill. Take your pick—loukaniko, kasekrainer, chorizo or bratwurst—or try them all! Encourage everyone to bring their favorite beers to share. Maybe grab some Pretzilla buns to hold those brats. Those pretzels the size of your head: optional.

Get saucy. Whether you like to dip, pour, or smother, we’ve got your dream sauces right here. Try jazzing up your meats and veggie grillables with Jamaican jerk sauce, teriyaki sauce, or Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce. Or, indulge your guests with one of these plate-perfect pairings: Korean barbecue sauce and short ribs, South American chimichurri sauce & steak, or Greek kebabs with cool, creamy tzatziki.

The cheesiest BBQ idea. Cheeses you can actually throw on the grill? Yes, that’s a thing. They’ll hold their shape as their textures change from squeaky and curd-like into soft, melty, silky goodness. Halloumi is a classic for a reason, and one of our top picks. You may not be as familiar with bread cheese, which was created in Scandinavia and named for its resemblance to a piece of bread—but rest assured, this is still a no-bread-required kind of cheese. Those GF and keto friends at the barbecue will thank you.

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