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When Justin Gill was a little kid, he’d sit with his granny (bachan in Japanese) Judy Yokoyama, waxing poetic about his dreams of having his own business and making it big. He remembers her fondly humoring him for hours, and dedicating the same time and love to all her family.

Judy was that bachan who went to every grandchild’s sporting events, helped with homework, and hosted Sunday dinners for the whole family. Hers was a childhood of adversity, and she told the family her stories of living at the Camp Amache internment camp during WWII, and working hard at an apple ranch from a young age. Her resilience, positive attitude and work ethic, and the joy she derived from her family always inspired Justin.

Every year, Bachan made a batch of delicious Japanese barbecue sauce for the holidays. The whole family looked forward to it, and once they started sharing it with friends and neighbors, they all looked forward to it, too. Justin realized that sharing his Bachan’s special Japanese BBQ Sauce sauce was one way to share the joy and love she always brought to those around her.

So, in 2019, Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce hit the market—reaching a whole new market of families to uplift. Pick up a bottle and spruce up anything on your barbecue with this savory-sweet, made-to-bring-people-together sauce. And join the family.

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