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Always Be Chasing Rainbow Foods

June is Pride month, so we’re in rainbow food mode. Not just the colored bagels and doughnuts you may have seen on social media, but real, superfood-packed plates full of natural colors, flavors and micronutrients that nourish you with a full spectrum of benefits.

Why eat the rainbow?

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains are all different colors because they all have different nutritional profiles. Red veggies tend to be high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and lycopene; while orange ones are higher in vitamin K, potassium, and beta carotene. Leafy greens are legendary for their high levels of fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. And blue and purple foods are packed with anthocyanins—the antioxidants associated with cell repair and protection. And speaking of beta carotene, a big bunch of rainbow carrots will give you a healthy dose, loads of vitamin A, and just look pretty!

Eating all your colors isn’t just fun. It helps you feel good, look good, and some say it even helps you age well. Plus, food psychology studies show that a plate full of colorful foods makes dining a more enjoyable sensory experience than a drab, monotone dish does.

Keeping it close to home

When it comes to coloring up our plates with fruits and vegetables, we like our rainbow foods to focus on high-quality items from nearby farmers who care for their soil. Healthier soil makes for more nutrient-rich, colorful produce, so you get an even fuller spectrum of nutrients (and eye candy.) And we’re loving the rainbow-colored creations by some of our favorite Northwest producers, like Salty Girl’s croissant-shaped gnocchi.

So why not join us this June in adding a few extra colors onto every plate? We’ve got all kinds of recipes and ideas to help you do it. Try these vibrant Rainbow Collard Wraps with your favorite dipping sauce for a fresh, easy early summer lunch or dinner. Or cut up a full spectrum of colorful ingredients and let everyone make their own Poke Bowls.

Want to set the tone for a harmonious happy hour? Place a bowl of this showstopping magenta Beet Hummus on your charcuterie board, surround it with colorful crudites, sprinkle some edible flower petals over the whole arrangement, and make your get-together a truly brilliant event.

Want to rainbow your plate? Check out our favorite rainbow foods to help you expand your color palette and your palate at the same time.

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