A Shopping List for Your Busiest Fall Moments

So, summer has slipped into fall—the kids are back at school, vacation feels like a distant memory, and as the days get shorter, the to-do list is getting longer. Make it easier on yourself with these time-saving menu items, curated specially for particularly busy fall moments.

When you’re prepping a lunch you’ll look forward to all morning:

We like to use lunch as a burst of delicious joy that breaks up our workday. Pick up some prepared meats made fresh in our markets—chicken parmesan, meatloaf, and meatballs are incredible on their own, or tucked into your favorite sandwich.

When you’re missing summer vacation so bad:

We’ve always been proponents of cuisines from faraway places and pretending we’re on vacation. Do this on easy mode with Frontera Mexican simmer sauces or Maya Kaimal Indian simmer sauces—toss in your protein and veggies of choice, and then serve it all over rice to put an exciting spin on any everyday meal.

When it’s chilly out and you just want to snuggle in front of the TV but you’re hungry:

Take a shortcut to coziness with grab and go soups. There are plenty of hearty and heartwarming dishes to try—we’ve got Umami Broth mixes and miso soup mixes. Mix and match Nona Lim broths and noodles for a choose-your-own Asian soup. Or, cook up a big pot of Shelby’s chili mix and save the leftovers for sloppy joes.

When you want to feel creative with food but you don’t want to put in that much work:

Should you want something that tastes homemade, but you doesn’t demand the effort of peeling and dicing or blending up a sauce, this one’s for you. We’ve got pre-chopped mirepoix, diced onions, and peeled garlic for easy cooking. Plus, we’ve got a plethora of ready-made sauces. Try our own kalbi or chimichurri sauces, or pick up one of our specialty dressings in many varieties, including Mediterranean, Green Goddess, Ranch and more. Or, pick up some of Kevin’s Natural paleo & keto friendly sauces, or Yai’s Thai Simmer Sauces for easy one pot meals.

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