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Ozery Family Bakery

When Ozery started their family bakery, they set out to make tasty things that would complement the lives and reflect the values of people in their community. So how do you make bread for the loving but chaotic, thoughtful yet messy, magically real world of your favorite people? With products that are nourishing and convenient, in a variety of flavors, that are just generally delicious, ingenious and fun.

Example number one? Morning Rounds. They’re perfect for toasting and topping with your favorite spread for a grab-and-go (or scarf-down-and-go) breakfast. And with 6 to 8 grams of protein per round, they’re dependable for a true breakfast boost.

And as a company that cares about the world around them, Ozery is a certified B Corp. That means they meet the highest standard of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. In recent years, they’ve reduced their manufacturing carbon footprint by 21%, reduced their total water usage by 34%, and reduced their total energy consumption by 4.5%. Plus, they’ve joined over 3,000 businesses worldwide in creating a more viable, healthy environment, as well as diverse, active communities.

As bakers and global citizens, Ozery strives to make life better, all around.

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