Super Easy Holiday Appetizers

What are people who really know food serving for the holidays this year? We asked 3 of our in-house pros for their best fuss-free ideas for festive appetizer spreads. Here’s what we learned:

Our cheese guy’s easy-cheesy appetizers

How does our resident cheese guru Rob Foley create the wow factor for his holiday guests at home? With a gorgeous cheese board, of course. Here are Rob’s cheeses of choice for this year’s holiday appetizer adventures.

OG Kristal

This aged Belgian Gouda is full of those crunchy, salty crystals that take cheese to the next level. With notes of butterscotch and boozy cherries, this comforting cheese screams to be paired with a big, bold red blend. So Rob suggests you do that.


Aged for 10 months (Chällerhocker actually means “sitting in the cellar”) this one’s got notes of toasty almonds, sour cream, butterscotch, and even pineapple. It’s complex, savory, and definitely nicer than it is naughty.

Gourmino Hornbacher

This multiple award-winning cheese from the Swiss Alps is known fondly as the “baked potato cheese” because, well, it tastes like one—with satisfying notes of roasted nuts and onion coming through.

Alta Langa La Tur

This triple crème soft-ripened cheese is handmade in the north of Italy with a mixture of cow, sheep, and goat milks. Buttery and rich with a teensy bit of funk to it, this cupcake-sized wheel is perfection with champagne.

Our Own Cheeseballs

From much closer to home, T&C’s hand-rolled balls of goodness are holiday must-haves. This cream-cheesy classic is a perennial favorite, and to make the holidays even happier, its price is even lower than it was last year. (You’re welcome.)

Mike in seafood’s splashy appetizer spread

Need to make a big impression without making a big effort? Our meat and seafood specialist Mike Fodness has your answer, in the form of pre-prepped seafood appetizers.

Nothing pleases a crowd like a prawn tray, so that’s what Mike’s got in mind for his holiday table. The classic way, with a bowl of cocktail sauce in the middle, because what shrimp lover can resist it that way? Next up, bacon-wrapped scallops and crab-stuffed mushrooms. A few minutes in the oven and you’ve got hot appetizer bliss waiting to happen.

Our Own Crab Cakes are legendary, and ideal for a holiday spread, too. And speaking of spreads, our smoked salmon dip is another holiday favorite. Serve it with some crispy crackers or fresh bread from our bakery and accept all the compliments.

Chef Joya’s quickest, easiest holiday appetizer recipes

Our in-house chef Joya Pettegrew is as busy as you are this time of year. That’s why she’s developed a collection of appetizer recipes that come together in a just few minutes, and make guests feel like you made a major effort. Here are a few of her quick holiday appetizer go-tos.

Marinated Olives and Feta We dare you to try and eat just one bite of these super-easy, super-kicked-up olives. They’re just the thing to up any appetizer spread or to give guests a delightful little nibble near the drinks.

Whipped Goat Cheese with Chips Scoop up this simple, delicious dip with any chips, Veggie sticks, endive, apples, bagel, pita crisps, crackers, pretzels, or whatever else you love. (We happen to love beet chips, but that’s just us.)

Jingle Juice Punch Ring in the holiday season with this festive, bubbly-based theme cocktail. It adds a bright red punch to your party, gives guests something to “ooh” and “aah” over when they walk in, and it comes together in ten just minutes.

Enjoy the time you save with these easy holiday recipes and let us know how it goes! Post your holiday food photos and videos to #tandcmarkets. We love seeing what you create!

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