Street Food Tour

Street food tour? Sign us up.

One of the best things about summer travel is tasting the world’s favorite snacks—the ones made by those talented outdoor cooks known as street vendors.

Every place has its culinary rockstars, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for you to try—whether you want to make them yourself or take them to go.

Ready to eat street style? Let’s go.

Make something Mexican: Carne asada is a classic, and you can make it your own with this recipe. Top it with our own guacamole, and you’ve got it. Feeling more like Tacos al Pastor? Here’s the way we do it on our home grills. Pair it with esquites, the classic street corn salad you can make with this recipe.

Take something Mexican: Time challenged? Grill up our own pre-marinated carne asada, top it with our own guacamole, and you’ve got something great. Or pick up a pouch of Frontera al pastor marinade, a nice piece of pork, and fresh pineapple, for some chipotle-smoky Mexican street food flavors made easy. And esquites are just a microwave away with Beecher's frozen street corn. Just heat it up and enjoy that creamy cheese sauce melting with the snap and the sweetness of corn, spiked with a little serrano-peppery heat, cotija cheese, and finished with a bright squeeze of lime.

Make something Vietnamese: Banh mi come together beautifully with our own kalbi chicken or flank steak and Macrina bui buns (specially made for banh mi.) Create this classic street sandwich at home with our recipe: Easy Banh Mi.

Take something Vietnamese: Too hungry to wait? No problem. We make our own authentic Banh Mi sandwiches and they’re ready for you in the deli. (While supplies last.)

Make something Chinese: Dumpling-making is fun if you have some friends, some time, some ground pork, and this recipe: Chinese Style Dumplings.

Take something Chinese: No time for a dumpling-making party? No problem. MiLa makes authentic Chinese soup dumplings with the freshest ingredients and freezes them for you so you can enjoy them at their best in just 11 minutes.

Want a whirlwind world tour of street food in one night? Bring home some Salvadoran-style Xinca Pupusas. Or recreate classic tastes from the streets of Paris and Brussels with pre-made crepes from Jacquet or Belgian Boys.

Serve it all up on Tranquillo Fair Trade Ceramics, Tableware and Textiles from our housewares department, with Tres Lecheria cakes, Petit Pot French pot de crème, mochi ice cream, Ice Queen paletas or Siete Mexican cookies for dessert.

Best part? No jet lag!

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