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Xinca Pupusas

Xinca is an ancient language that’s still spoken by indigenous people in El Salvador. But in the food world, Washington local Cynthia Duran is translating her flavor-rich Salvadorian family food traditions into a line of products we can’t get enough of. Want a new taste experience? Bite into one of Xinca’s pupusas.

What’s a pupusa, you ask?

A pupusa is a Salvadorian dish made with corn or rice dough, stuffed with a special filling like Xinca’s loroco and cheese. The loroco flower (aka Fernaldia pandurata) is a Central American favorite, and Cynthia’s treasured family recipe makes the most of its rich, herbaceous aroma and flavor. Loroco combines beautifully with cheese and tucked inside Xinca’s special dough, it’s easy to take on-the-go or serve at home. Just take it out of the freezer, heat it up, pair it with curtido (a mild salsa made of pickled cabbage) and you’ve got a pocket full of Salvadorian sunshine.

The beautiful world of food.

“Food has a way of bringing people together and educating humans about the beauty of other cultures,” says Cynthia Duran.

We’re thrilled to offer you this unique locally-made line—the first Salvadorian frozen food brand in the US—and to work with Cynthia in sharing her culture through her family’s recipes.

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