South of the Border

Every year, Cinco de Mayo kicks off a season of casual, warm-weather celebrations with fun food and drinks from south of the border. And this year, we’ve met some great people who are interpreting Latin American cuisine in exciting new ways.

A Central American Sensation

Washington local Cynthia Duran has turned her flavor-rich Salvadorian family food traditions into Xinca’s incredible pupusas. Pupusas are filled corn cakes, typically served with a vinegary cabbage slaw called curtido. Cynthia's pupusas have fillings like bean and cheese, loroco and cheese, or loroco and vegan cheese (loroco is a Central American flower used in cooking, and it’s pretty special.) You’ll find these in packs of four, perfect for an easy and authentic meal.

Dip into something new

And just when you thought salsa was just salsa, Don Chilio comes along with one that crunches. If you haven’t tried their dippable Chile Crisp Peppers in Oil, you’ll want to—maybe even paired with a basket of 100% non-GMO tortilla chips from Mi Nina, grain-free chips from Siete, or locally-made plantain chips from our bulk foods department.

Looking for a fun new drink to quench the heat? Try Tepache, an authentic fermented Mexican beverage made from pineapple and spiced with cinnamon. An Aztec tradition from pre-Columbian Mexico, it’s a little bit of time travel in a glass.

Start something fiery

For great Mexican main dishes, start with super juicy Mishima sirloin, Our Own chorizo sausage, or flank steak perfect for tacos and fajitas. Short on time? We’ve got you. Our Own Beef & Chicken Fajitas are pre-marinated, pre-spiced, and ready to cook. Pair them with freshly cut fajita veggies, and you're off to the races. Slice up a few rich, buttery gem avocados or smash them into a chunky guacamole to top it off.

Authentic Latin American desserts? Sweet.

Finish your feast with a Mexican-style popsicle, called a paleta, from Ice Queen in Portland. These paletas feature fun twists on classic flavors, such as mangonada and oatchata, and are plant-based to boot. Or try a rich slice of Tres Leches Cake from Seattle’s own Tres Lecheria. Unless you’re in the mood to make your own—in which case, we offer this tried-and-true recipe from our test kitchen.

Come explore the world of food in our markets and online for more flavors and ideas from south of the border we know you’ll love.

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