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Siete Foods

Mexican American Classics, with an innovative nutritional twist

Veronica Garza was a teenager when she was diagnosed with a complex autoimmune condition that came close to ruining her life. She couldn’t even turn to food for comfort, because all her yummy Mexican favorites were made on grain-dense tortillas that only made her feel more uncomfortable. (And have you ever tried eating a burrito in a lettuce wrap? Not fun.)

So Veronica started experimenting with anti-inflammatory versions of the traditional Mexican family recipes she was raised on. She came up with ways of making truly delicious, satisfying, and authentic Mexican foods from nontraditional ingredients, such as almond flour, whole vegetables, real spices, avocado oil, and organic beans. When her Grandma Campos proclaimed Veronica’s grain-free tortillas better than the homemade flour tortillas she’d been making for decades, Veronica knew she’d hit on something special.

Hiring from within: a family business is born

Veronica started making and selling her tortillas from her home, and attracted so many customers, she found herself producing 50 dozen tortillas in a weekend. Her family was recruited to help, and that effort by all seven of them (siete in Spanish) launched Siete Family Foods—with a mission to make and share these better-for-you food evolutions and advocate for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.

Family comes first. Deal with it, business world.

Siete is a company rooted in family. Their philosophy is “family first, family second, and business third”. With this unconventional management style, Siete’s CEO Miguel Garza was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list. Inc. Magazine credits Siete with creating an entirely new category in grain-free and dairy-free Mexican American staples, including tortillas, refried beans, tortilla chips, hard taco shells, cookies, seasoning mixes, and hot sauces. And in 2022, Siete was the fastest-growing Latino/Hispanic food brand in the United States.

Juntos: people coming together for a common purpose

In addition to solving problems for one of their own, the Garza family is on a mission to create positive impact for others—through education, entrepreneurship, and wellness. With its Juntos Fund, Siete’s foundation provides supportive grants to small Latino/Hispanic food entrepreneurs.

Good food. Made by nice people. This is the kind of thing we love to champion here at T&C. So try Siete’s intentionally made Mexican foods. Notice how good they make you feel. We bet you’ll become part of the Siete community.

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