Our Staff’s Gift Picks for 2023

Need a fun, unique gift for a friend, neighbor, teacher, or just someone who’s been extra nice all year? Want to multitask and get your holiday shopping and your food shopping done in one trip? No problem. Read on and discover our department specialists’ insider tips on finding boutique-level gift perfection on our market shelves.

Gifts for traditional cooks

Our housewares specialist Debra believes in the gift that keeps on cooking—a good old Lodge Cast Iron Pan. A kitchen essential since 1896, everyone’s grandma had one of these, because nothing really surpasses it for heat, flavor, and longevity. And it gets better the more you use it. This gift is definitely a keeper—and even a future heirloom.

Gifts for world travelers

Shop the candle-lit holiday markets in Scandinavia, and you’ll discover the wonders of crispy, flaky, almond-filled holiday kringle, made with a special Danish recipe that takes three full days to complete. Stroll the markets in Italy and you’ll discover dramatic December holiday panettone, those tall breads dotted with fruits and nuts, and all kinds of creative flavors that bring bread to the next level. Terri in our bakery thinks either one of these creations is the ideal thing to bring to a holiday gathering. We think your party-throwing friends will agree.

Gifts for Seattle coffee lovers

Got a Seattle newbie or a visiting relative on your list this year? Why not give them a grand coffee tour of our 6 distinctive Seattle area neighborhoods? Our collection of T&C EveryDay coffees brings the eponymous favorite blends of each of our markets together. Each one was voted best by caffeine-buzz-loving employees in each store. It’s a great way for your recipient to find their place in our coffee-loving city.

Gifts for Bridgerton fans

Got someone on your list who’d love to have a cup of tea with the royal family? Treat them to teas from Darvilles of Windsor, purveyors to the British crown since their Royal Warrant was granted by King George VI. Package it up with a tea towel, a teacup, and a batch of Chef Joya’s Hazelnut Chocolate Butter Biscuits (or, if you’re short on time, buttery shortbread from Bainbridge Island’s own Heyday Farms) and you’ll make any Anglophile’s mid-afternoon dreams come true.

Gifts that age well (and go fast)

Rich, velvety Elsa is one of our favorite balsamic vinegars ever. Produced in small batches and aged six years, this bottle is now specially priced for holiday giving. Our grocery specialist Keith loves pairing it with fruit-forward Castillo de Canena olive oil, for an indulgent double-treat anyone on your list can use practically every day—in sauces, on salads, or as a finishing drizzle.

Use our suggestions or stroll the market yourself. You’ll find countless gift-worthy items on our shelves, from cool cooking utensils, kitchen items, and baking supplies, to fresh fruit collections, artisan chocolates, unique holiday décor items, intriguing wines and spirits, specialty cheeses, and all kinds of edible wonders. Still stumped? Ask a crew member what their favorite item in the store is. We’re all happy to share our ideas with you!

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