Let's Bowl

In a bowl, layers of flavors collide, mix, and meld into a fantastic crucible of flavor that somehow doesn’t happen on a plate. You can just toss some grains, greens, protein, and dressing together, or create a carefully composed bowl-based work of food art. A meal in a bowl can be anything you want it to be.

First, select the bowl itself.

The vessel itself sets the tone for your bowl meal. Why not choose the optimal size and shape for the dining experience you have in mind? Find a bowl that calls to you. We have bowls perfect for every occasion, from classic white French bowls to ramen bowls perfect for an Asian-inspired meal.

Next, find your bowling style.

Bowling newbie? Let us help you out. Try some of our staff’s favorite recipes below, just to get the hang of it. Then you can strike out on your own. (Yeah, sorry. We couldn’t resist that one.)

Superfood Breakfast Bowls

This frozen smoothie bowl is the kind of breakfast you’ll be thinking about the night before. The best part is, they’re totally customizable and taste amazing no matter what you toss in.

You’ll need:

Acai Superfruit Packs

Your favorite frozen fruits

Juice, milk, or milk alternative

Choose your mix-ins:

Chia seeds, turmeric, beetroot powder, matcha, protein powder

Then choose your toppings:

Fresh fruit, granola, nut butter, honey, coconut shavings, goji berries

Start with fruits. Then add whatever seeds, supplements, or protein powder you like. Finish off with juice, milk, or even water—just use a little less liquid than you would for a normal smoothie to ensure a thicker bowl.

Blend it up, pour it out, and top with your fresh fruit, granola, coconut shavings, and whatever else makes you smile in the morning.

Shrimp Taco Bowls

Tacos, deconstructed. (Because it was all going to fall out of the tortilla anyway.)

You’ll need:



Black beans


Cotija cheese

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

Cook and prepare your shrimp and rice, then top with everything else. Yep, it’s that easy. And yep, you can toss in anything else you love to put on your tacos. Hot sauce, pickled onions, cilantro… go crazy, and enjoy.

Salmon Chowder Bread Roll Bowl

You’ll need:

Crusty round roll of choice

Salmon Chowder

Perfect as an app or for a small plates dinner, this chowder house classic turns the bread itself into a bowl. Just cut the top off your roll, hollow it out, fill it up with decadent chowder, and get ready to be bowled over. Bonus: washing up is pretty easy when you can eat the dishes.

Bibimbap Bowls

The Korean comfort food is visually stunning, with the vegetables often placed so neighboring colors complement each other.

You’ll need:

Warm white rice

An array of seasoned vegetables

Soy sauce

Gochujang (chili pepper paste)


Sliced meat (usually beef)

One egg per person

Start with the rice, layer on your vegetables, then top it all with a perfectly cooked egg, sunny side up. (You want it to be a little loose when you cut into it, so the whole dish gets some of that sunny, runny, eggy-ness all over it.) Add sauces and kimchi as desired and enjoy. (We like eating ours the Korean way, with a spoon—but you do you.)

Cloud Bowls

This heavenly dessert bowl idea comes from someone who really knows how to do a sweet tooth right—our own Bakery Specialist, Teri.

You’ll need:

Heavy whipping cream




Your favorite berries or fruits, chocolate chips, nuts, and a selection of crushed cookies, madeleines, macaroons, brownies, or bits of cake from our bakery (we especially love the Rubicon Bakery cakes.) Pretty much anything sweet and delicious will work!

Whip together 1 cup of whipping cream with 2 tablespoons of sugar and ½ teaspoon of vanilla to make your whipped cream base. Add to your bowls, then offer everyone a selection of toppings to toss in the clouds. These are perfect for parties, and especially great for kids—they’ll love creating their very own cloud concoction.

So, what do you think—are you ready to join the bowling team?

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