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Rubicon Cakes

Everybody loves a story that invites you to root for the underdog—especially one as sweet as this.

Since 1993, Rubicon Cakes has had the courage to offer more than just baked goods. Along with their handmade cakes and other sweet treats, they offer a second chance to people who face employment and housing obstacles because of substance abuse and incarceration history. 

Love the premise. But is it as good as it sounds?

Oh, yeah. Every bite we’ve taken has made us smile and you’ll have the same experience Celebrate a loved one’s birthday with a rich, moist 4-inch Birthday Layer Cake. Having some vegan friends over? Rubicon makes 100% plant-based cake options that actually taste good. One bite of their Vegan Chocolate “Blackout” Cake or Vanilla Cake will make you wonder why you ever cared about dairy in the first place. Each one is made from scratch and finished by hand. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives required, thank you very much. 

Treat yourself. Transform someone else’s world.

Rubicon hires bakers and teaches them expert-level baking skills, while they earn a living wage, excellent benefits, and health care. The company’s original part-time crew of 14 has grown to about 100. And now, they’re more than just bakers—they’re family members. 

Maybe you know how good it feels to buy something delicious from a company that takes pride in their food, ingredients, and sourcing. But when your purchase also helps people restore their pride in themselves, that’s the cherry on the cake, if you will.

“That’s what life is about for me,” says Rubicon baker John Bedford. “Reaching out to those that are in need, as someone reached out to me when I was in need.” 

“I never in a million years thought that I would be a manager of anything,” says Sheila Young-Eberhard, Quality Assurance Manager. “It was so empowering to have a job and to work and make an honest living and be a productive member of society. The environment is so positive here. It makes you want to better yourself. I’m a mother and a grandmother. My kids are proud of me and I’m proud of myself.” 

And T&C is proud to offer these cakes in our Bakery. We hope you find them as life-changing as we do.

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