Fall Together

What’re You Falling For?

How do you enter autumn? Do you cuddle up with a pumpkin spice latte at the first hint of a chill, or do you drag your feet into the season, wishing summer would never end? Whichever kind of fall person you are, we’ve got wonderful ways to help you make the seasonal transition.

Be the football season snack hero

If you’ve been waiting for months to get back on the field (or in the stands) why not go all out for the start of the season? Gather your team and make some Mini Cheeseburger Skewers and Jerk Shrimp Hoagies. Then serve up a sweet selection of Northwest apples and pears with a side of caramel sauce get the ball rolling on autumn.

Happy Oktoberfesting

Whether you’ve got a German relative somewhere in your family tree, or you just like brats and beer and polka music, Oktoberfest is the perfect segue into the cooler season. Warm up with ready-made brat meals, schnitzel, and a pint of Festbier. Add on German potato salad, local sauerkraut, and that most beloved of German cheeses, Black Label Cambozola, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Or, customize your own party food by checking out our entire collection of Oktoberfest-inspired eats here.

Cozy Nesting

Are you a décor connoisseur? A fall fanatic? Do you transform your atmosphere to welcome every new holiday and season? Then set out a fresh set of linens to update your tablescape. Round out the fall feelings with a candle or reed diffuser in your favorite scent and create a thoughtful and welcoming space for you and everyone who stops by.

Fall into a healthy new habit

Why not use this change of season to shift your focus toward taking care of yourself and those around you? Get in touch with how you’re feeling and concentrate on staying healthy with our high-quality selection of vitamins, supplements, and probiotics. Pick up some fresh hand sanitizer and soap while you’re at it—maybe an apple scented bottle, to remind you of all the good things that can fall your way at this time of year.

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