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Holy kraut! Here’s a fearlessly flavor-packed reinvention of the traditional cabbage-y German superfood. Made by a small Washington company with big dreams of creating a better world through healthy gut flora and a vibrant, thriving regional food system, OlyKraut sources the best possible ingredients from local and regional farms. They develop their own original recipes, using centuries-old preservation techniques.

Loaded with beneficial bacteria that many scientists associate with lifelong good health, OlyKraut delivers probiotic veggie goodness in genre-bending flavors like Smoke & Kale, Sea Greens, and Curry and Cumin Jalapeño. Taste it, and you’ll get it. This is fermentation for a new generation.

For Oktoberfest, try their mind-opening Eastern European blend, made with caraway seeds and apple. Team it with a local craft brew and a bratwurst, and you’ll never think of German food as a heavy, old-school cuisine again.

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