Easiest Mediterranean Dinner Ever

Wouldn’t it be nice to dine al fresco by the Mediterranean Sea tonight? Try this simple 5-step escape plan.

  • Bring home some of our pre-marinated – chicken skewers, salmon, scallops, cod, or whatever you like (chef’s tip: our lemon garlic marinade really complements Mediterranean flavors.)

  • Fire up your grill, stovetop or oven, and cook for a few minutes until you achieve the doneness of your dreams.

  • Stuff the seafood into a pita with some sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and drizzle with tzatziki.

  • Pop on some music with Mediterranean café vibes (maybe something like this).

  • Have a great vacation from the usual dinner prep!

  • Shop online now and get fresh Mediterranean-style ingredients delivered to your door. (While supplies last.)

P.S. Want to enjoy a little pre-dinner happy hour first? Just pick up some of our hummus, baba ghanoush, and falafel, and watch the perfect Mediterranean mezze board appear instantly before your eyes.

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