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Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Father and son team Con and Alex Apostolopoulos were making their super smooth, ultra-creamy handcrafted Greek yogurt in Australia when Yvonne, a flight attendant from America, dropped in for a taste. One spoonful was all it took for Yvonne to fall in love—with the yogurt, that is. She flew home and raved incessantly to her husband, Bob, and they hatched a plan to bring this “better-than-ice-cream” yogurt to the US.

Nearly ten years and tens of thousands of travel miles later, Con and Alex made the big move to Seattle to team up with Yvonne and Bob. Together they created Ellenos, combining the Apostolopoulos’ Greek yogurt recipe with our local ingredients and distinctly Pacific Northwest flavors.

The first Ellenos yogurt bar opened in Pike Place Market in 2013, and we’re thrilled to carry this very special, hand-crafted Greek yogurt in our markets, bringing it a little closer to home for you.

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