What can I bring to the BBQ?

The days are long and evenings outdoors are inviting. Friends are getting together in the garden to enjoy the warming weather together. You get invited. The host has the grill going and the hamburgers, chicken, or vegetable kabobs covered. And you want to bring something special, but you’re out of big ideas.

Well, we’ve got you—whether you want to give your cooking skills a workout, or just pick up something inspired and table-ready on your way to wherever you’re going, you can find just the right thing at T&C.

There are endless options in every one of our markets, but here are a few of our go-to's:

Try something corny

Our Brentwood corn from California is in right now. First planted in the 1940s, this sweet stuff is hand-harvested and sorted twice for quality control. This is the corn chosen by Thomas Keller for the world-famous French Laundry in Napa Valley. We love it in this Esquite Street Corn Salad, and so will your friends.

Don’t have time to get creative with corn? Pick up some of Our Own Corn Muffins, or Our Own Hatch Chili Corn Muffins if you like your side with a little kick.

Or just grab an ear for each person and some Butterfusion finishing butter, and let people husk their own cob and choose their corn adventure—from Garlic Parm to Lemon Basil to Chipotle Lime.

Salads: dressed up and ready to go

In our deli, we’ve got all the BBQ faves—our legendary potato salad, Hawaiian Macaroni Salad, Vegetable Ranch Macaroni Salad, and our own Caesar, arguably the best you’ve ever tasted. Which one’s the best? Well, in salad terms, it’s kind of a tossup. Come in and taste a few.

Fruit from our grower partners is in? Sweet.

Our produce expert Joe Pulicicchio has the best relationships with the best growers around here. And Joe’s goal is to bring you the best eating experience with every bite of fruit you take, all season long. So whatever fruit you find here, it’ll be the best of that variety available at the moment. It may even be grown just for us. Bring a bowl of our sweet, ripe, full-textured Northwest Cherries, and watch them disappear.

You got dessert duty? We’ve got the answer.

Want to make sure your party has a perfect ending? You could bake something from our tried-and-true recipe collection. Or pick up a cherry or berry Willamette Valley Pie, and some of Our Own Whipped Cream, and everyone will finish the evening with smiles on their faces.

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