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Country Natural Beef

If you’ve always loved beef (we have), but you also care deeply about the cattle industry’s impact on the future of our environment (we do), you’ve probably been dealing with some inner conflict, right? Well, we have.

And so have the forward-thinking ranchers at Country Natural Beef. That’s why they’ve created their revolutionary Grazewell program—a protocol of regenerative ranching practices that reduce and even offset the environmental effects associated with beef production.

Cattle on the moooove. Maybe you’ve heard about overgrazing—that’s what happens when animals chomp grass in the same spot for too long. The vegetation gets sparse, the soil becomes prone to erosion—and it can dry out so much that the topsoil blows away, runoff increases, and groundwater is depleted. Wildlife habitats become inhospitable. And there’s less vegetation around to absorb CO2 emissions. Not good.

So Country Natural’s ranchers move their cattle from pasture to pasture often, to break the negative cycles caused by overgrazing.

On their regenerative ranches, you’ll see new shoots darting up through the soil, pulling carbon dioxide from the air and stashing it in the ground to nurture a range of different plants. The studies show that every acre managed Grazewell-style can tuck 1 to 4 metric tons of CO2 into the ground—which encourages a healthy variety of plant species to grow. And that makes cattle (and other wildlife) happy, too.

Just a sprinkle. These ranches treat water like the valuable resource it is, conserving it carefully and sharing it among plants, wildlife, and people. Through this holistic approach, rangelands become part of the ecosystem, rather than apart from it. 

Meet meat’s future.

By making eco-friendly adjustments to every aspect of cattle ranching, Grazewell’s climate-smart practices will cover 6.5 million acres in 9 western states by 2025.

We’re proud to partner with Country Natural and to offer you beautiful, delicious meats, produced with the climate — and our collective future — in mind.

With every juicy bite, you’re helping protect the climate and supporting your regional economy. So you can eat what you love today and feel good about for years to come.

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