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Quick and Easy Meals

These days, does “busy” always seem to be the answer to “how are you doing?”

You can thank the hectic fall season for that, as school, sports, and all the fall activities zoom back from hiatus in a mad rush.

So how do you take control and make it all work for you? It’s all about thinking ahead over the weekend and making energy-boosting quick meals for the week in advance. That way, you’ll have minimum prep time and maximum efficiency when you need it most, and yummy things to fuel you through your tightly-scheduled day.

Energy Boosting Breakfast Ideas

Get up and go with our autumn morning make-ahead comfort food favorites:

Power Parfait

  • Ellenos Greek Yogurt

  • Seattle Granola

  • Fresh Prep fruit

  • Flax or chia seeds

  • T&C EveryDay Buzz Honey

Layer the ingredients in a jar or a wide-mouthed glass. Cover and refrigerate. Drizzle with honey before serving.

Protein Packed Overnight Oats

  • Old Fashioned Oats

  • T&C EveryDay Milk (or plant-based milk)

  • T&C EveryDay Maple Syrup

  • Chia or flax seeds

  • Almond or Peanut Butter

  • Fresh fruit or nuts

Mix oats, milk, and seeds together in a jar. Swirl in a tablespoon of nut butter—don’t worry if it doesn’t fully incorporate into the oat mixture. Top with fruit and nuts to your taste. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Super Speedy Breakfast Sandwich

  • Ozery breakfast rounds

  • T&C EveryDay Eggs

  • Milk

  • Bacon, sausage, or plant-protein of your choice

Cook your bacon or sausage as usual.

Whisk the eggs and milk with some salt and pepper to taste, and pour the egg mixture into a greased 9×13 pan.  

Bake the eggs for until they’re set (about 20 minutes.) When cool, cut the eggs into squares, sized to fit on the Ozery rounds. Assemble your sandwiches, wrap them individually, and freeze.

Power-Packed Lunch Bag Ideas

We’re loving these upleveled easy lunch ideas right now, especially when the add-on items are packed and ready to grab and go.

Kid-Friendly Bagel Sandwich

  • Sy Ginsberg turkey or Hempler’s ham

  • Castello Havarti

  • Seattle Bagels

Asian Soup to Go

  • Pho'nomenal pho cup

  • Our Own rotisserie chicken, or extra-firm tofu

  • Pre-cooked veggies like baby spinach, bok choy, or matchstick carrots

Pack chicken or tofu and veggies in individual containers or bento boxes.

Pack you home-cooked ingredients with a soup cup, and you or your kids can enjoy noodle-shop-quality soup wherever you happen to be.

Salad on the Run

  • Taylor Farms salad kit

  • Our Own rotisserie chicken, marinated shrimp, or crab cakes

  • Crumbled cheese or nuts

Cook the shrimp or crab cakes ahead of time.

Pre-pack the chicken, shrimp or crab cakes in individual containers.

Pack the salad bag and your chicken or seafood of choice, and assemble before serving.

No time for any of the above?

Remember, the T&C Food Bar has all your hot and cold faves. Take whatever you like, mix, match or just make a whole bowl of one thing. It’s all good, it’s all quick and easy, and it’s all just $10.99 per pound.

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