Getting Cozy Again

An Expert’s Guide to Getting Cozy

As coziness connoisseurs, we know that cozy comes in a few different forms. There’s the relaxed, warm, comfortable cozy. There’s the coziness that comes with the excitement of a whole new season. And there’s the cozy that comes from being safe and happy while you enjoy a seasonal spook. We’re here to help you embrace it all.

Get Comfy

Picture this: You sit down with the people who know you best—maybe that’s your family, maybe it’s just yourself. There’s a crackling fire and your feet are enveloped in fuzzy socks. You lift a forkful of our prepared pot pie to your lips—or is it a spoonful of our homemade, heat-and-eat soup? Oh, wait, this is your dream scenario, and you should choose your own foodie fantasy. So here: we created a whole comfort food collection for you. Taste. Savor. Enjoy. Relax in a cozy food bliss bubble.

Get Festive

You’re well within your rights to turn your home into an autumnal wonderland. The front porch can be your pumpkin patch. Gather some seasonal scents to tickle your wind-chilled nose as you step inside. Place Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice hand soap sinkside, for a wash-up that smells good enough to eat.* Introduce some friendly greenery to ward off the seasonal blues, and your cozy conversion is complete.

*We do not recommend eating this soap, FYI.

Get Spooky

A hair-raising movie night with your favorite people is an October ritual. Surefire ways to thrill your guests: a gooey pizza fresh from the oven and a sinister array of terrifying treats. Warm your hearts and bellies with hot cocoa and apple cider, pop some popcorn, and settle into the couch for your favorite Halloween classic—whether it’s a true horror or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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