Fair Trade. It Sustains Us All.

Maybe it’s just us, but we enjoy our food more when we know that the people who produce it for us are paid fairly.

So we look for that Fair Trade logo. It represents farmers and producers whose work affords them a higher quality of life, and the ability to develop their communities for the better. We’re proud to partner with companies who share our commitment to making a positive impact, like these:

Equal Exchange

Since 1986, Equal Exchange has supported small farmers, including those here in our backyard. We love that they connect local consumers with local growers, like family farms in Washington and Oregon. They get to know the farmers who produce their outstanding coffees, chocolates, nuts and other good things, and work closely with them.

Tony’s Coffee

In addition to roasting up beautifully-bodied, distinctive coffees, Tony’s invests in the people and communities that produce their beans. Operating with Fair Trade, they’ve paid over $1.7 million to fund community development projects like health clinics, composting facilities, and training programs. Their focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices is strengthening communities, and make the world of coffee a better place.

Alter Eco Chocolate

Alter Eco’s rich-yet-delicate chocolates are made with organic ingredients grown by small-scale, Fair Trade farmers. All their packaging is recyclable or compostable. They offset their emissions through reforestation and protecting trees in Central and South America, so they’re 100% carbon neutral. And their Alter Eco Foundation combats climate change and inequality through regenerative agriculture.

(Want to know more about regenerative agriculture? Check out our article.)

GloryBee Honey

Family-owned and operated out of Eugene since 1974, Glorybee chooses Fair Trade because they’re dedicated to providing high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients that nourish people and the planet. They partner with bee-supportive organizations like the American Beekeeping Federation and the Sustainable Food Trade Association to advocate for the best interest of beekeepers, bees, and beyond.

Tony’s Chocolonely

These big (and we’re talking really big), chunky chocolate bars are smooth, rich, studded with craving-crushing mix-ins, and created with one huge goal in mind: to make chocolate 100% slave free. The truth is, a few giant corporations benefit from keeping cocoa prices as low as possible, which forces many farmers to live in poverty. And it leads to hideous practices such as child labor and slavery. Tony’s leads in an alternative direction, offering sourcing principles for slave-free cocoa, and showing the world that chocolate can change things.

Alaffia Hair & Body Care

Alaffia’s naturally nourishing hair and body essentials are made from fair trade ingredients, by women-led co-ops in West Africa. Sales of their products fund all of the company’s Empowerment Projects, designed to alleviate poverty, encourage gender equality, and empower the communities where their products are made.

Mavuno Harvest

In addition to satisfying your snacking needs, Mavuno Harvest’s plump and flavorful dried tropical fruits help small African farming cooperatives create sustainable supply chains, minimize food waste and expand their market reach. Farmers receive fair trade wages, and by drying the fruits they can’t sell at harvest time, they increase their incomes, create jobs in their local communities, and extend their food supply.

Himalayan Candle Co

These impeccably crafted candles are hand-made in small batches with meticulous attention to detail. Himalayan Candle Co. offers candlemakers competitive pay and flexibility. They source their containers directly from small-scale manufacturers around the world. And their commitment to creating a positive social impact leads them to work only with factories that have transparent and fair working conditions for their staff. To which we say: 🔥.

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