Earth-Friendly at Home

Cleaning should be good for you.

You care about the planet, (not to mention your health) and you want to choose products that are safe on both counts. But it’s hard to stay up to date on the most eco-conscious practices, and researching brands takes time and effort. We get it. So we’ve curated a top-notch and ever-growing selection of products for your home, from sustainable brands with a passion for making the world a nicer place to be.

Full Circle Cleaning Products makes cool, beautifully designed dish brushes, veggie brushes, and a very fun sink stopper that are plastic neutral, which means that for every ounce of plastic they use, they recover the same amount and keep it from entering our oceans. They’re carbon neutral too, so they offset any carbon emissions caused by production. Plus, by 2025, they plan to use 100% recycled plastic in their products. Learn more about Full Circle here.

Wash up in a field of flowers (or at least a sink that smells like one.)

Sustainable dish soaps are springing up in all kinds of yummy natural scents. Try Rebel Green’s dish soaps in scents like Pink Lilac and Peppermint Lemon. Ecos offers suds that smell like Pear, Almond, Grapefruit, and Bamboo Lemon. BioKleen’s Lemon Thyme is a pleasure too.

Clean with Dr. Bronner’s magical evergreens

What if cleaning your counter could transport you to an evergreen forest? Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds, with its natural fir and spruce fragrance, is that kind of cleaning experience. It’s a balanced formulation of naturally derived surfactants scented with essential oils. It cleans with exceptional power and rinses easily in hard or soft water. Plus it’s gentle on the skin, and 100% cruelty-free.

We’ve got earth-friendly finds throughout the store, in every department, so come on in and make Mother Nature proud of your choices.

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