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Full Circle Cleaning

The world is slowly waking up to a simple truth that the tuned-in people at Full Circle figured out more than a decade ago: we’ve got to rethink plastic, what it’s doing to our environment, and its impact on our health.

So Full Circle has pioneered and refined a low-plastic collection of high-performing cleaning products that are practical, sustainable, and simple enough to use every day, such as:

  • Dish brushes with durable and replaceable bamboo bristles

  • A Sinksational Sink Strainer that creates a seal around your drain and reduces clogging.

  • Scrubber sponges made from rough walnut shells and recycled plastic

  • Soap dispensers crafted with bamboo and recycled glass and plastic

  • Ring-shaped, ergonomic veggie brushes made from bamboo and recycled plastic

And to produce them, Full Circle insists on a clean supply chain. They work only with suppliers who ensure fair and safe labor conditions and incorporate sound environmental production practices.

Debra Cox, our Housewares guru, thinks Full Circle’s got the deepest bench in the game. “I love their no-nonsense, straightforward approach to design,” Debra says. “They just do a great job checking all the boxes for what I actually find useful in the kitchen. They’re a unique, innovative company and a real leader in this industry.”

(Eco-friendly bonus—the packaging is all plastic-free, too.)

Full Circle leaves things cleaner than they found them.

For every ounce of plastic Full Circle uses, they recycle the same amount. They partner with Plastic Bank, a global recycling and collection company whose sole mission is to clean up beaches and repurpose discarded plastic into products and packaging. Through this collaboration, Full Circle will recycle the equivalent of nearly 4.5 million plastic bottles and coffee cup lids.

So roll up those sleeves, put some music on, and tackle those dinner dishes knowing you’re cleaning your home with an eco-friendly state of mind. That pile of dishes won’t be around much longer, and if Full Circle has their way, plastic won’t either.

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