Cozy Fall Pizza & Pasta Recipes

Pizza and pasta recipes create the cozy fall vibe

As coziness connoisseurs, we know that cozy comes in different forms. There’s the relaxed, warm, comfortable cozy of homemade recipes for Butternut Squash Pasta, Penne Rigate with Mushroom Sauce, or Spaghetti Carbonara. There’s the cozy feeling you get when you gather a few of your favorite people together to make pizza and share it. And there’s the cozy that comes from being safe and happy while you enjoy a seasonal spook. We’re here to help you embrace the meaning of hygge.

Get pasta saucy

Picture this: You sit down with the people who know you best—maybe that’s your family, or your friends, or maybe it’s just yourself. You’ve got a crackling fire going, and your toes are feeling toasty in your favorite fuzzy socks. You lift a forkful of fresh Carso's pasta, which you’ve cooked to al dente perfection and topped with Pizza Girl Organic Arrabiata Sauce. The spice of the sauce pairs beautifully with the wild chanterelle mushrooms you were so excited to find in the produce section since they’re only available a few weeks a year, only in the fall. As you enjoy each bite, you begin to deeply understand how the term “comfort food” entered our lexicon. You imagine many more pasta nights like this, maybe with the next one featuring Northwest Spaghetti Squash. You relax into autumnal food coma bliss.

Get pizza nights rolling

When your nearest and dearest want to join you for a make-your-own pizza party, T&C becomes your new best friend. You find all the kitchen items you need for homemade pizza—pizza stones, pizza peels, pizza cutters, and the perfect tapered rolling pin. You find house-made sausages in the meat department. Twelve different kinds of wild mushrooms in produce. You pick up some fresh Town & Country pizza sauce and a couple of fresh dough balls from the deli section. And in a blaze of creative homemade pizza inspiration, you grab some T&C Everyday Honey so you can recreate that hot honey pizza that’s been popping up all over your social feeds. This fall is going to be filled with cozy-nights-in to remember.

Get spooky

A hair-raising movie night with your favorite people is an October rite of passage. And you find surefire ways to thrill your guests: you decorate your place with a family of different pumpkins in various colors and sizes from Sterino Farms. You put on a Halloween costume (or maybe just a creepy cape) and greet people at the door with glasses of organic Finn River Cider from the Olympic Peninsula. You set out a sinister array of Halloween cupcakes from the bakery department. Pop some popcorn. Maybe fill a bowl with Spooky Yogurt Covered Pretzels from Bulk Foods. And you all settle into the sofa for your favorite Halloween classic—whether it’s a true horror film, or “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” You feel so happy about Halloween this year, it’s scary.

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