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Beeler's Pork

For many of us, grilling out means bbq pork ribs, sausages, ham, pork loin—and good things wrapped in bacon (think shrimp, scallops, dates, and of course bacon burgers!) So as we’re looking to up our BBQ menus for a grand summer finale, we’re struck by this true pork superstar: Beeler’s.

For six generations, the Beeler family has been operating from the original family farm, and sticking with the simple, humane, and natural way their grandfather raised pork. They say their goal is to deliver the very best, wholesome pork products, and our meat specialists say they’re achieving it with their premium quality, antibiotic-free, heritage European Red Duroc.

With the Duroc breed, meats have consistently beautiful marbling, great texture, and a juicy, tender, and flavorful dining experience rivaled by none. Beeler's meats meet and exceed the USDA’s standard to be considered “minimally processed,” which means nothing is done to alter the natural taste.

Beeler’s recipe for pork success

Beeler’s raises their pork right. They maintain humane treatment of animals. They’re fed a healthy, GMO-free vegetarian diet. You won’t find any gestation crates at Beeler’s, either. Here, pigs are housed in roomy, unrestricted pens that provide space for social interaction and free roaming.

Whether you’re bringing home Beeler’s bacon, ribs, ham, or sausage, you won’t be bringing any questionable chemicals with you. No antibiotics, no growth promotants, no gluten, no nitrates or nitrites or phosphates or MSG added. No worries, just pure, barbecue-ready pork perfection.

Better on the BBQ, and beyond

Whether your menu features pork loin, pork belly, pork shoulder, ham, baby back ribs or just some crispy bacon on the grill, cooking with Beeler’s is going to make any barbecue recipe a little more special. And if the weather turns iffy, or you don’t feel like firing up the grill after all, try one of these ideas:

Add a simple fig pan sauce to a Beeler’s tenderloin, and turn a weeknight meal something special. This creative Pork Tenderloin recipe gives you a chance to make the most of our seasonal fresh figs, too.

Beeler’s ribs are perfect in this Gochujang-spiced Korean Style Ribs recipe.

Need a tropical main dish to go with your end-of-summer mai-tais? Try brushing your Beeler’s ham with this Roasted Pineapple sauce with maple and balsamic.

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