We're All In on Bainbridge Island's Erase-the-Waste Pledge

To reduce the environmental impact of our packaging and comply with the City of Bainbridge Island's waste reduction ordinance, we are working to find sustainable packaging alternatives for our prepared food items. That means new packaging is coming soon!

Reducing Plastic and the Search for Sustainable Packaging

We are currently testing new packaging for our deli, espresso, bakery, and fresh prep produce.

Our goal is to transition our prepared food packaging to bio-based material that will break down in a home compost. Where home compostable packaging will not meet our needs, we are looking for the next best alternative to lower our impact. This includes bio-based commercially compostable material, post-consumer recycled content, and reducing the amount of material used for each package.

Though we would love to snap our fingers and transition all our packaging to sustainable options, there are some products that will have to wait. We have many considerations when selecting packaging including food safety, quality, and minimizing food waste. Market availability, supply chain disruptions, and limited options for shape and size make it difficult to source sustainable alternatives for all our packaging needs. For these items, we are committed to continually evolving as new packaging options become available.

Replacing Single-Use with Reusables

Reducing single use packaging is arguably the most important step in our sustainable packaging journey. Reusable food service ware has a lower environmental impact across multiple environmental factors even when accounting for water and energy for washing.

Soon, we will have reusable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils available for those eating on site. We encourage you to help reduce waste by enjoying your salad, deli item, or coffee in our dining area using our reusable dishes.

Cup Fee

In accordance with the city ordinance, a 25-cent fee will be charged for disposable cups in our espresso and smoothie bar. We encourage you to bring your own clean travel mug. We also have reusable mugs available for those sitting down to enjoy their beverage on site.