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Woodland Foods

It started with a nature hike. Hours spent exploring the woods and foraging for herbs and ingredients together on the weekends blossomed into a relationship between two people, and eventually a company built on the idea that everybody should be able to connect with nature’s flavors, wherever you live. Co-founders Diana and David Moore started Woodland Foods with a shipment of Chanterelle mushrooms back in the 90s and never looked back, expanding their culinary palette to more than 1,600 ingredients (we’re waaaay past table salt here 😊), each one strategically and ethically sourced from all four corners of the globe for unrivaled variety and diversity. They’re a major supplier of spices for our robust Bulk Foods section and we’re constantly surprised and delighted by the quality of their ingredients. We think you will be to.

Give Your Pantry a Fresh Start

What do you want to accomplish in the kitchen this year? Are you looking for the perfect spice to season a new seafood dish? Perhaps you’ve decided to start making your own Indian-style curries instead of buying them in jar? Or maybe you’d just like to shake up your barbecue chicken wing sauce recipes or grilling marinades. Cooking novices and kitchen rockstars alike can find something inspiring.

Whether you’re looking for spice pantry staples to cook up familiar favorites or broaden your culinary horizons with authentic species from Mexico, Asia or Africa, our Bulk Foods sections has what you need to take your taste buds on an adventure. And Woodland Foods is our primary choice for wholesome, BRGCS-certified, high-quality ingredients.

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