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It’s party time, and you’re not drinking alcohol. Friends are mingling around you with cocktails in their hands and smiles on their faces. You want to get in on the cheers, but you want to do it with something more satisfying than sparkling water and a slice of lime. Something sophisticated, not sugary. Something as interesting and meaningful as a craft cocktail or a fine sparkling wine, just sans booze.

May we suggest a TÖST?

We’re seriously impressed by how well TÖST brings the grown-up characteristics of a great bar beverage to all-natural non-alcoholic drinks. They’ve got a serious team of mixology and culinary pros, and you can taste the artistry. White tea, cranberry, and ginger weave a sparkling white flavor story, with hints of citrus and a dry finish. The dry, delicate rose brings elderberry into the mix, for a refined subtly effervescent pink with a bit of fruit on the nose.

Available by the bottle or in single-serve 4-packs, either one makes a great glassful on its own, pairs beautifully with foods, makes a great sparkling punch, and works well as a mixer if you’re indulging. Check their website for recipes using TÖST at fine bars around the country.

Our wine and spirits specialists love recommending TÖST whenever a customer asks for non-alcoholic beverage ideas, and they get great post-party feedback when their customers return. A sparkling TÖST is our favorite way to clink responsibly.

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