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Stoup Brewing

Stoup is scientifically minded when it comes to brewing, so here's a formula for you: take a beer geek, a scientist, and a foodie. Put them together and add them into the growing Ballard Brewery District. Watch the mixture grow stronger as each year passes. That's the formula Stoup’s been working with–combining their love for craft brewing, food trucks, and Seattle in one exciting location.

With the Scottish word for a “tankard” as their name, Stoup strives to be that type of vessel for the community: one that's full of beer and signals good times ahead.

Locally brewed brilliance since 2013

Since its first day, Stoup has been a local Seattle treasure—a family-friendly micro-brewery dedicated to craftsmanship, community, and the evolving art and science of beer.

Opened by husband-and-wife team Brad Benson and Lara Zahaba together with Robyn Schumacher, Stoup is the realization of a lifelong dream shared by three friends who love all things food and drink. Each of the founders left a “safer” career behind, and blended their backgrounds in chemistry, biology, design, marketing and public relations with their passion for every kind of brew—from IPAs to lagers to hefeweizens to ales to witbiers. The result is one of those unique treasures you can only find here in Seattle.

With a diverse line-up of flagship beers and seasonal rotators, a welcoming taproom, vibrant beer garden, private event space, and regular rotation of food trucks, Stoup is a beloved neighborhood destination. We’re proud to carry their outstanding and irresistibly packaged brews on our shelves, so you can Stoup’s Seattle microbrewery experience home.

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