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Shepherd's Grain

Supporting local growers who practice sustainable, regenerative agriculture has always been part of our mission here at T&C. Because as a family-owned company, we care about the health of our land, the climate it depends on, and the generations ahead of us who will be here, on this spot, eating locally raised foods, and continuing to bring them to our guests. That’s why we’re happy to partner with Washington-based Shepherd’s Grain. In fact, we use their flour exclusively in our T&C EveryDay Pastas.

Founded by wheat farmers Fred and Vicki Fleming and Karl and Lexie Kupers, Shepherd’s Grain is a farmer-owned collective built on a foundation of environmental sustainability and supply chain transparency. There is no greenwashing here. Every teaspoon of Shepherd’s Grain flour is the product of regenerative agriculture, practiced by enthusiastic farmers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and Alberta who are pioneering new techniques, with the goal of preserving the health of our soils into the future.

It’s also Food Alliance Certified, Salmon Safe, and Non-GMO verified. (Naturally.)

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