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Seattle Wholesale Grower's Market

A riot of blooming color spills out from every square inch of the space. Dinner Plate dahlias on your left. Turquoise Lagoon sweet peas on your right. Roses here. Pink peonies there. A buzzing hive of fragrant, colorful activity all around. That’s the vibe you feel as you stroll through the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

A beautiful arrangement for local flower lovers

Established in 2011 in a historic Georgetown area warehouse, this energetic co-op marketplace gives Northwest flower farmers a place to sell their sustainably grown products directly to florists, event planners, and markets like ours, who would otherwise be sourcing flowers imported from other parts of the world. We love keeping the business close to home, supporting sustainable agriculture, and offering you beautiful flowers that don’t have to travel far, so they’re at their best when you see them.

The market operates on a wholesale basis, primarily serving businesses. But they do open their doors to the public Monday-Friday from 10-1, and at other times for special sales, workshops, and events. Don’t miss the back room where raw-edged wood tables are loaded with branches, twigs, and moss. Twig wreaths hang from the walls, ready for purchase.

DIY flowers like a pro

Pro tip: check out their DIY Flowers by the Bucket—a mix of best-of-season focal flowers, filler flowers and foliage. You don’t choose your blooms, the farmer does. But you get everything you need to create 3-4 beautiful flower arrangements, at a wholesale pre-order price.

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