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Niman Ranch

Feeding our hunger for a more humane world

In the 1970s, a small, family-run cattle ranch based in beautiful Bolinas, California had this radical notion that if you raised your animals with the best of care, with ranching practices that give back to the Earth rather than depleting it, the meat would be better. And the world might be a little better, too.

Here's the business plan: doing what's right

Guided by this basic concept of simply doing what’s right, Niman Ranch’s meats gained a stellar reputation around the Bay Area. And soon, they were a sought-after supplier to San Francisco’s finest markets and top restaurants.

Now, Niman Ranch has grown into a network of 740+ family-run farms. And they still adhere to their original mission. Every Niman Ranch-affiliated farm raises animals on the best natural feeds, under the most humane conditions. And they all maintain sustainable farming practices.

Doing good leads to tasking good

And sure enough, every bite of every Niman Ranch product is pretty extraordinary. Michael Fodness, our Director of Meat and Seafood, doesn’t throw the words “amazing company” around lightly. But in describing Niman Ranch meats, he doesn’t hold back.

“Not only do they have super high quality, great-tasting meats—they’re Certified Humane®, and those standards are incredibly strict,” says Mike. “They really do everything they say on their website.”

And their website is pretty impressive. Visit, and you’ll feel Niman Ranch’s commitment to, as their tagline says, "the finest tasting meat in the world."

They focus on heritage breeds, raised with kindness and no antibiotics or hormones ever. But they take good care of their people, too. Niman Ranch buys from their farmers, at a premium. This ensures that nothing is wasted, and lets the farmers focus on caring for their animals rather than worrying about finding buyers for all of the different cuts of meat.

By treating the meat industry like a craft, Niman Ranch inspires us all to be conscious of where our food should come from. For us, partnering with Niman Ranch is part of supporting a healthier world, and bringing you what matters most to us—food people love.

Inside tip: bring home the bacon

Oh, and heads up: if you love bacon, our highly bacon-experienced and not easily impressed Mike Fodness simply describes Niman Ranch’s bacon as ”awesome”.

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