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Mary's Free-Range Turkeys

What makes Mary's Free-Range Organic turkeys so good, they get talked about all year? Quite simply, they get really good treatment.

Family-run since 1954, Mary’s has always been committed to animal welfare. On their ranch, a turkey gets four times as much space as the average commercial bird. They’re free to roam around, uncrowded and stress-free, in outdoor pastures that provide shade and shelter. They’re able to perch. They’re raised on a premium, high-protein, organic vegetarian diet that provides the optimal amount of nutrients—while being easy on their systems.

These turkeys are active and content, and treated humanely in every aspect, from hatching to processing. They’re air-chilled, like European turkeys, so they hold their moisture and flavor, and there’s no need for the chlorine used in a water-chilling process. All of these little things add up to making Mary’s turkeys bigger and more flavorful than most.

Questions? Ask Mary. Her phone number is on every bag. And she picks up her calls—even on Thanksgiving.

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