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Macrina Bakery

From the day it opened, Leslie Mackie’s Macrina Bakery has been a source of warmth, friendship and incredibly great baked goods in Seattle. Modeled on the traditional old-world village bakery, Leslie leads a team of bakers using local and regional ingredients to create rustic European breads and pastries. Leslie Mackie named her bakery after a 4th century Greek visionary, who believed in the importance of community, and leading a simple, self-sufficient life. Because for Leslie, there’s no richer experience than gathering with good people to enjoy good food.

Each organic loaf and sweet treat that emerges from Macrina’s ovens has unique characteristics and flavors. Garnering more foodie-world accolades every year, this place has become something of a local legend. They’ve been listed as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s 100 Best Bakeries, one of Seattle’s Best Bakeries by the Seattle Times, and one of Fodor’s top 10 bakeries in the US. So you get the idea.

We’d actually give them the title of World’s Best Stuffing Mix-Makers if that was a thing. Seriously, try their Holiday Porcini Stuffing Mix on your holiday menu this year, and you’ll get what we mean. Like everything else from Macrina, each bite celebrates the grand traditions of baking and breaking bread with family and friends.

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