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La Tortilla Factory

Jose and Mary Tamayo founded La Tortilla Factory in 1977—the first taqueria in all of Sonoma County, California. Their family-run “Mexicatessen” offered irresistibly tasty corn tortillas, made fresh every day. Over the years, the Tamayo family has totally expanded the world of tortillas, adding fat-free, whole wheat, organic, and gluten-free varieties to their repertoire, just to name a few.

They created all these alternative tortillas way before it was trendy to do so. Why? Because they’re passionate about tacos—and believe that no one should have to go without them.

The close-knit team at La Tortilla Factory is dedicated to innovation on all levels of their business—from developing new products, to finding the best ingredients they can possibly source, to uplifting their community and the environment. They work with national and local organizations that support their communities—they’ve even established their own scholarship fund to help students in Sonoma County achieve their educational goals.

La Tortilla Factory is constantly striving to make themselves and the world better—with better ingredients, better flavors, and better tortilla accessibility for everyone. Because we all deserve better. And we all deserve tacos.

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