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Jøyus wines

Did you know that there’s a non-alcoholic winery right here in Seattle that makes wines so good they win gold in international competition? Well, it’s true. And it’s really good wine. Read the review in Forbes magazine.

We’re proud to have such a distinguished winemaker as part of our community. And the fact that Jøyus is the first and only sober-owned and woman-owned non-alcoholic winery in the country? Well, that makes this wine even sweeter. You’ll find a great selection of Jøyus reds, whites and roses right here, for your simple celebrating pleasure.

Because not drinking is hard. You don’t want to miss out on fun—no matter how much your friends appreciate your designated driver services. But there’s only so much sparkling apple cider a person can take. These delicious alcohol-removed wines are a real, sophisticated option that’s as close to the real thing as possible. They taste, feel, look and pour like real wine. 

So decant without worry. Drink without alcohol. Enjoy social occasions happily and joyfully, with a good glass of wine in your hand. And kiss your FOMO goodbye.

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