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Hot Cakes

For more than a decade, newcomers to Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood have marveled at the loooong line leading to the red front door of the Hot Cakes shop on Ballard Ave. and wondered, “What’s in there?”

Mmm, the locals know. Rich molten chocolate cake, that’s what. Warm and gooey in the middle, moist and gorgeously textured on the outside. Every spoonful is a first-class ticket to pure, unmitigated chocolate bliss.

Seattle native Autumn Martin spent four years building Hot Cakes’ fanbase from her booth at the Ballard farmer’s market—with her Take & Bake Molten Cake Mix (it’s absolutely swoon-worthy) which she sold in adorable mason jars for easy transport. If you’re into chocolate and you’re in Seattle, she’s kind of a big deal.

Molten Chocolate Cake Goes Global

In 2012, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery found its permanent home just up the street from the farmer’s market where it all started. Eventually, Autumn opened a second shop in Capitol Hill, too. They've also expanded their repertoire, using finely honed chocolatiering skills to craft a menu of other sweet treats, savory goodies, vegan- and gluten-free options, plus coffee and boozy milkshakes like the “Drunken Sailor.” Insider tip: try their decadent dessert sauces and smoked chocolate chips and thank us later.

The chocolate-loving world has taken notice – Hot Cakes products are now in demand all over the country. They’re still a Seattle mainstay though, constantly popping up in food booths around the city, sponsoring local events, or donating sales to dog shelters to help our hometown homeless pups find forever homes (how can you not like that?)

Try the original Dark Decadence molten cake first though. It’ll give you a whole new perspective on the phrase “selling like Hot Cakes.”

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