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Hokto brings the mushroom magic

Hoktois kind of like the Hogwarts of the mushroom world. In their state-of-the-art mushroom-growing complex in San Marcos, California, mushroom magic is being conjured on a daily basis—with their own proprietary growing technologies producing the finest Bunashimeji(Brown Beech), Bunapi®(White Beech), Eyringii (King Trumpet), and Maitake (Hen of the Woods) mushrooms available anywhere.

Hokto is part of Japan’s largest specialty mushroom company, which has operated its own Mushroom General Research Institute for more than half a century. Here, mushroom scientists have developed industry-leading cultivation techniques. So they have complete control over culture technology and production management. As a result, Hokto mushrooms are produced in the cleanest possible environment. They are unparalleled in their consistency. And most importantly, they offer a taste experience that’s truly beyond comparison.It’s no wonder they’re the top choice of chefs and foodservice pros who need unwavering quality on every singleplate.

"Hokto are the best at what they do,” says Jim Foley, our Produce Specialist. “The only way to match their qualitywould be to importmushrooms from China or Korea. So Hokto is the sustainable option.”

Just as Jim focuses on sustainability, Hokto’s Mushroom General Research Institute is also pursuing issues that affect our future quality of life. Their studies have led to the development of many mushroom-based functional foods and pharmaceutical raw materials.

We feel great about bringing you these genuinely superior mushrooms. Andwe think you’ll feel good equally good when their umami-rich flavors hit your palate, and their shroomy nutritional powers hit your system—like they will when you try this Penne Rigate with Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe. Here’s to some happy Hokto adventures in your kitchen this fall!

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