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Greenhead Lobster

Stonington, Maine is a lobster lover’s dream—the quintessential coastal New England village. Stroll down the main street and you’ll find a comfy cafe, an ice cream shop, a couple of galleries featuring local artists, a small museum—and a very busy waterfront. Find your way down to the end of the long pier, and you’re at Greenhead Lobster, where the sheer number of lobsters coming in and out in a day rivals the activity at Maine’s largest airport.

It’s Maine lobsters all day every day, harvested from the cold Penobscot Bay waters by a dedicated fleet of lobstermen and women, many of whom have been delivering their daily catch to this dock for generations. Many of these lobsters will be purchased and cooked for dinner by locals in this community (because those in the know know.)

Greenhead uses the most up-to-date methods of careful handling and storage through every stage of the process, from trap to transport. They support the sustainability efforts Mainers have been focused on since before the word “sustainability” was part of the lexicon. We’re proud to work with this quality-conscious, eco-minded partner, and to offer you their sweet, succulent, top quality live lobsters, ready for your special occasion dinner, casual lobster picnic, or creative kitchen adventure.

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